Overheard: Impulse 68

He jumped up there and did something that is courageous. I’d like to say we’d all do the same thing, but I can’t even say that I would.  — Eyewitness to actions of Richard R. Krul, Carnegie Medal awardee #10023

I realized it was a life-or-death situation. — C. Kemp Littlepage, Carnegie Medal awardee #10083

I dove down and grabbed him like I’d been trained. I did a hip carry, pulled him out. At this point, my legs are numb, I’ve never felt so weak and vulnerable in the water myself. — Rebecka Blackburn, Carnegie Medal awardee #10100

I’m amazed with the courage. — Great-grandmother of 2-year-old boy rescued from burning by Philip L. Hall, Carnegie Medal awardee #10130

If Kenny wasn’t brave enough to step in and help us I think that perpetrator would have killed us, as evidently he wasn’t afraid to use his knife. — Wife of assault victim saved by Kenneth Alfred, Carnegie Medal awardee #10144

The fact that there were three men close by and willing to risk their lives is a miracle. Two or one could not have done it. — Husband of woman saved by Eric Andrew Staten, Carnegie Medal awardee #10230, Mark Pierce, Carnegie Medal awardee #10231, and Nathan Hammond, Carnegie Medal awardee #10232

I’m awestruck that people came out from the community and risked their own lives to save others. That’s what Fairhaven is all about. — Town official speaking of burning building rescue enacted by Ernest Beauparland, Carnegie Medal awardee #10252, and Ronald Rock, Carnegie Medal awardee #10253

He knows how dangerous the lake can be and to look out for other people, he’s that kind of person. — Mother of Shane Morrison, Carnegie Medal awardee #10257

My only concern at that moment was to incapacitate the attacker, to stop that attack from going any further. It wasn’t until later that I was more concerned for my own safety as far as being stabbed myself. It was the only thing to do. — Sean P. Conaboy, Carnegie Medal awardee #10265

He didn’t hesitate. He came to save me. I know 100% he didn’t think for a second about saving me. – Kristine Kempf, daughter of John D. Colter, Carnegie Medal awardee #10246

Christian showed courage, bravery, and a genuine concern for his fellow citizen. – Battalion Chief responding to scene of heroics by Christian W. Smith, Carnegie Medal awardee #10254