Carnegie Medal presentation to Shane Morrison

Photo courtesy of Andy Rose, administrator for Concord Township

Carnegie Hero Shane Morrison (left) shakes the hand of Hero Fund President Eric Zahren upon receiving the Carnegie Medal from Zahren at a Concord Township (Ohio) Board of Trustees meeting held March 2, 2022.

In June 2020, Shane, then 15, helped rescue a 13-year-old boy from drowning in Lake Erie near Mentor, Ohio. Shane saw Donovan Conwell bobbing up and down in deep water about 200 feet northeast of a breakwater. Shane dived into the water, swam to Donovan, and grasped him from behind. A lengthy struggle ensued, during which Donovan submerged Shane repeatedly as Shane kept Donovan afloat in the water. Authorities arrived shortly in a boat, brought Shane and Donovan aboard, and took them to safety. Donovan, who had ingested water, received treatment at a hospital; he recovered. Shane, nearly exhausted, also recovered.

“Shane certainly embodies Carnegie’s ideal, the very best of human nature, our innate ability to selflessly put another’s life above our own without obligation or thoughts of our own well-being,” said Zahren at the presentation.

Humbled, Shane added, “I am so honored to be recognized by the Carnegie Hero Foundation, however, I truly want to acknowledge those in this group who lost their lives and were unable to accept their awards in person … They are the true heroes.”