Carnegie Medal presentation to Sean P. Conaboy

From left, Hero Fund President Eric Zahren reads the back of the Carnegie Medal to Carnegie Hero Sean P. Conaboy while Dr. Pete Lambrou, Hero Fund commission member, looks on. Zahren and Lambrou traveled to New York City to present the Carnegie Medal to Conaboy in an April 12, 2022 private ceremony. The back of each Carnegie Medal contains a cartouche which are embossed with details about the heroic act, making each Medal unique.

Nearly one year earlier, Conaboy rescued a 54-year-old woman from assault on a New York subway platform. A 22-year-old man with a knife ambushed the woman from behind, repeatedly stabbed her upper body, and knelt over her with the weapon after she fell to the ground. Conaboy, then 52, ran to them and shoved the assailant to the ground. Although the assailant continued in his atemptes to stab the woman while struggling with Conaboy, Conaboy ultimately pinned the assailant and restrained him until police arrived.