Overheard: Impulse 69

It was something that went through my soul. You don’t think about risk. — Vickie Tillman, Carnegie Medal awardee #10000

Scary, definitely scary. It was surreal. — Robin Ireland, Carnegie Medal awardee #9972

All of this happened in just a few minutes, but to me it felt like a lifetime. — Van L. Anderson, Carnegie Medal awardee #10085

It was so beautiful to see that guy … all he cared about was making sure they were safe. — Eyewitness to actions of Philip L. Hall, Carnegie Medal awardee #10130

He just said, ‘Mom, he was drowning, I had no other choice. I needed to save him.’ — Mother of Shane Morrison, Carnegie Medal awardee #10257

I just put my arm around her and I know she was scared and you know, I was scared at that point too. — Justin Leland Perry, Carnegie Medal awardee #10277

In my head, it’s just wrong if you don’t help. That’s just instinct. If someone is in trouble, you should help them, no matter what. Even if it puts your life on the line, which it did.
Zachary Johnson Haugen, Carnegie Medal awardee #10290

I was just making sure she didn’t get hit again. I said if I get hit once, I can take it. But, I didn’t want her to get hit one more time. – Jordan Scott Lambay, Carnegie Medal awardee #10110

She was getting weak and coughing, he was coughing. Then them guys showed up like angels. They showed up. I thank God every day them guys ran upstairs. My wife was not leaving her father up there. – Son-in-law of man saved by Ernest Beauparland, Carnegie Medal awardee #10252, and Ronald Rock, Carnegie Medal awardee #10253