Overheard: Impulse 75

I just really felt that little girl needed help. That was the main thing. It became apparent when she was flipped off the floatie that something needed to happen and it needed to happen quickly. — Justin Leland Perry, Carnegie Medal recipient #10277

He had a heart of gold, he cared for everybody. He would not have seen himself as a hero – to him if he sees somebody drowning or somebody needing help – he would reach out. That’s just the way he was. — Sister of Arthur R. Caballero, Sr., Carnegie Medal recipient #10280

Words cannot describe the pain of losing a parent, but it is even harder to describe my conflicting feelings of both pride and joy that result from knowing my father died a hero. — Son of Carl J. Robinette II, Carnegie Medal recipient #10281

I kept going simply because I knew he would not make it back alive if I didn’t. — Ross C. Johnson, Carnegie Medal recipient #10305

If your heart tells you to do something, just follow it. Because it is what it is. There’s no other way. — Suzanne Fortin, Carnegie Medal recipient #10319

I know a lot of people who talk about ‘Oh I could do that.’ No, I think most people would take 10 steps back for every step that he took forward in that moment. I am not even sure I could, and I think it is a very superhuman thing to know that he gave his life. — Brother of Christopher K. Burkett, Carnegie Medal recipient #10342

I’m just surprised how many people say they don’t know if they could have done the same thing. We all have the opportunity to be someone’s hero or do something heroic, but you just got to take that action — Emilyn Golden, Carnegie Medal recipient #10343

Much later I would reflect that a lifetime of thought is generated in split seconds of actions. Cognitive thoughts and primitive actions taking place simultaneously over the same time span. And, I had no control over any thoughts. It was 100% reaction to data my brain was taking in. — Chad W. Chichester, Carnegie Medal recipient #10348

He took on two armed men to save a man’s life. If that’s not a hero then I don’t know what is. — Nominator of Derek Winemiller, Carnegie Medal recipient #10349