Overheard: Impulse 70

We saw the knife, and me and Marvin, wewent quick to take it right away — Jose L. Casanova, Carnegie Medal awardee #10089

I knew that with these old trailers, they’re just bonfires in waiting.— Phillip H. DiLuca, Carnegie Medal awardee #10104

I saw one cop trying to bash the window to get to her, so I stopped, ran across to give him a hand. Flames were coming right over the dashboard, burning her legs. — Robert M. Hosey, Carnegie Medal awardee #10113

I just wanted her to stop. I just didn’t want her to hurt anybody. — Nathan Scott Wanhala, Carnegie Medal awardee #10114

The smoke was just howling back at me. — Steven W. Fitzpatrick, Carnegie Medal awardee #10120

My husband literally BENT the truck door getting him out. With the power of God. — wife of Danny Lee Tiger, Carnegie Medal awardee #10135

I thought, you know, if I get burned or catch on fire, I can always get out of the way of the fire or whatever. But you know, she was stuck. She was hanging upside down. She had no way to get out. So I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to do whatever it takes to get her out of there.’ — Jason J. Hahn, Carnegie Medal awardee #10263

Going into this, I didn’t think I was going to come close to losing my life, and towards the end of this fight, I realized the dog had the better of me. – Evan Daniel Townsley, Carnegie Medal awardee #10274

I looked down, he just had a revolver pointed at them. I wish I could say what I was thinking but I don’t know what I was thinking when I did it. – Wyatt Tucker Shields, Carnegie Medal awardee #10296

Someone had said out loud, ‘Does anybody know how to swim?’ And I was just like, ‘Oh, I guess that’s me.’ And then I jumped in. – Anthony Stephen Capuano, Carnegie Medal awardee #10300

I knew it was close, but I couldn’t leave him on the tracks. There was no way. I had to get him out. – Lewis A. Medina, Carnegie Medal awardee #10302