Overheard: Impulse 74

A hero in every sense of the word. — Father of Katherine M. Wenszell, Carnegie Medal recipient #10143

She didn’t think about herself, she didn’t hesitate, she didn’t think what was best for her, she just knew that she had to help somebody else and somebody else was in need and she did that, and I think that’s a true sign of a leader and a captain. – Coach of Marena L. Kouba, Carnegie Medal recipient #10283 

Awesome neighbors. It’s nice to know there’s caring people out there, — Neighbor of Steven W. Fitzpatrick, Carnegie Medal recipient #10120

I don’t feel like a hero. I just kind of went on what I thought was right and that was my instinct and my heart. Douglas Leroy Tallman, Sr., Carnegie Medal recipient #10142

He was just in the right place at the right time because he was actually supposed to have gone to work earlier. It was meant for him to be there. — Mother of Calvin Parham, Carnegie Medal recipient #10186, who saved his 85-year-old neighbor from his burning home.

We weren’t supposed to be there, it was God to put us there. — Widow of Stacey Redmon, Carnegie Medal recipient #10187

Am I a hero? No! Do I deserve anything in my opinion? No! Jeff and myself did what anyone should do and that’s help someone in need. Robert Lawson, Carnegie Medal recipient #10190

I told these guys the other night you gave me what only one person in this life has ever given me and that was my mother. She gave me the initial gift of life, and they renewed that gift. — Man saved from drowning by Benjamin M. Blostein, Carnegie Medal recipient #10195

I am just grateful I was able to be in the right place at the right time. – Antonio Morgan, Carnegie Medal awardee #10228

That’s exactly what I would’ve expected out of him. I definitely am proud. — Father of Christian W. Smith, Carnegie Medal recipient #10254