Overheard: Impulse 76

I know he died a hero and that gives me comfort, and I said, ‘He earned his wings for sure that day.’ — Widow of Scott Kilburn, Carnegie Medal recipient #10391

I hate that I had to lose my son for this, but I would not have expected him to do anything else. He’s a father. Even if it wasn’t (his girlfriend’s) child, if it was a stranger’s child, he would have done the same thing. If he had to do it again and he knew he was gonna not make it, I believe he would still jump out there and try to save a life. — Father of D’Angelo Jenkins, Carnegie Medal recipient #10266

He taught me how to love and appreciate life. He never failed to amaze me. — Mother of Ricky Lee Sneve, Carnegie Medal recipient #10275

We call him our hero because of what he did. He just so selflessly throws himself out there to save these people, total strangers, to give his life like that, he’s more than a hero to me. — Cousin of Arthur R. Caballero, Sr., Carnegie Medal recipient #10280

My father made many mistakes in his life. But in the end, he acted on instinct alone, putting the lives of two others above his own. In one final act of sacrificial love, he gave his life so that a child could continue his. — Son of Carl J. Robinette II, Carnegie Medal recipient #10281

I want to say thank you. You didn’t have to do it and you did it. I’m very lucky to have you. I feel like he’s an angel. — Man saved by Anthony Hogan, Carnegie Medal recipient #10285

That man stayed true to what he believed and what he thought was right. And what he thought was right on that day was that that child’s life was worth more than his. — Best friend of Layne Paul Gravois, Carnegie Medal recipient #10288

I am thankful no one was hurt. The recognition, I appreciate it, but that wasn’t on my mind when I did what I did. I wasn’t thinking about rewards. I wasn’t thinking about being a hero. I was just thinking about making sure Van was safe. — Darnell J. Wilson, Carnegie Medal recipient #10294