Overheard: Impulse 63

People say, ‘Oh, you saved a human life!’ There were other folks there. What prompted me to walk up to a burning car? I have no idea. I was happy to save someone’s life. — Andrew L. Melhado, Carnegie Medal awardee #9998

I’m just glad I could make a difference that day. — John Thomas Prokop, Carnegie Medal awardee #10049

I was just at the right place at the right time. — Raul Carrillo, Carnegie Medal awardee #10092

I just did what any other American would have done, especially someone who has kids themselves. — Andrea L. Harris, Carnegie Medal awardee #10098

I just went to work and wanted to make sure I could do what I could to help her out. I was very fortunate that I was put in that situation where I could. It was a good day. — Todd D. Lyford, Carnegie Medal awardee #10105

I think anyone else in the same situation would do the same thing. There were multiple people there, and I was just the one on top of the truck. — Allen Sirois, Carnegie Medal awardee #10109

Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time. You jump out and do what you’ve got to do. — David Covington, Carnegie Medal awardee #10117

I feel really blessed, like I was right where I was supposed to be. — Danny Lee Tiger, Carnegie Medal awardee #10135

I just did something I hope anyone would do for a fellow person. — Thomas H. Hunnicutt, Carnegie Medal awardee #10141

People are like, ‘You’re a hero.’ I am just a guy trying to do what is right. — Kenneth Alfred, Carnegie Medal awardee #10148