Christopher K. Burkett, deceased

A 93-year-old woman, Shirley Treadwell, and her caretaker were inside an SUV that was stuck straddling a train track on Nov. 10, 2021, in Forsyth, Georgia. Christopher K. Burkett, 47, a production line supervisor who lived nearby, and his friend were repairing a fence when they heard the car kicking up gravel and the approaching train. They ran to the car’s front, passenger door, and with difficulty heaved it open. Due to a curve in the track, the 170-car freight train, which was approaching at 39 m.p.h., could only be spotted at a point 300 feet from the car. As the train neared, the friend moved away from the track, but Burkett stayed, working to free the 93-year-old. The train struck the vehicle, propelling it 100 feet. The women and Burkett suffered fatal injuries in the collision.