Overheard: Impulse 58

I think we all wonder if we witnessed such a brutal situation, what we would do. Well that’s been answered for Mr. Ireland. He stepped up and did the right thing. —Plymouth (Mass.) Police chief on actions on Robin Ireland, Carnegie Medal awardee #9972

Holy cow, I just noticed that Ms. Tillman was the 10,000th recipient. Can’t think of a better choice. —Friend to the Hero Fund, referring to Vickie Tillman, Carnegie Medal awardee #10000

I can only pray that these girls thank God every day for people like him that are willing to jump into such dangerous situations to save another’s life. I know if God had told him before he dove in that it was either him or her, Scott would have done it all over again. —Fiancée of posthumous awardee Scott Derrick Whitford, #10019

The Bible says there is no greater thing than laying down your life for another. That’s the greatest gift of all, and that’s what he did. We’re very proud of him. —Father of Joshua Aaron Traylor, Carnegie Medal awardee #10015, who died attempting to save a toddler from drowning

He acted with generosity last night and saved someone’s life. This organization has suffered an enormous loss. But our loss pales in comparison to the loss his family is experiencing right now. —Boss of Frank Williams, Jr., Carnegie Medal awardee #10050, who died rescuing the passenger of a submerging car adjacent to the restaurant where he worked

Mr. Dixon, Mr. Casanova, your extraordinary courage and selflessness in electing to disarm a knife-wielding assailant who critically injured a police officer is also a testament to your character as human beings. Simply stated, your actions saved [the officer’s] life. —Police chief of officer rescued by Marvin George Dixon and Jose L. Casanova, Carnegie Medal awardees #10088 and #10089, respectively

We are all very proud of Troy and his incredible selflessness in saving Rick’s life. His actions are a true reflection of his character and anyone who knows Troy wasn’t surprised to hear of his unselfish action and courage. He knew what needed to be done and didn’t hesitate to do the right thing. —Boss of Troy Martin, Carnegie Medal awardee #10093, who removed a man from a burning vehicle.