Overheard: Impulse 59

It was just instinct. God led the way. — Vickie Tillman, Carnegie Medal awardee #10000

I thank God for allowing me to be in that position and not allowing me time to think — to just jump on it. — Andrea L. Harris, Carnegie Medal awardee #10098

If you’re looking for a miracle, that was the miracle, doing it on the first shot. — John Gerard O’Rourke, Carnegie Medal awardee #9993

In my mind I said, “Well Lord, this is it. I’m not coming out without her, you got to help me.” — Michael E. Surrell, Carnegie Medal awardee #10026

I never gave it a second thought. I prayed the whole way, from running out of my house, down the embankment to the wreckage, and back up the embankment when the Chattanooga Fire Department cleared the scene. — Van L. Anderson, Carnegie Medal awardee #10085

I honestly thought I was praying my last prayer as I felt Officer Carrillo grab hold of me. I don’t know too many people that will reach into a fire. — Man pulled from burning tractor-trailer by Raul Carrillo, Carnegie Medal awardee #10092

It was a split second. You have to do what your gut tells you. — Phillip H. DiLuca, Carnegie Medal awardee #10104

The timing was everything, and I was meant to be there. It was instinct to help Rick and I would do it again. — Troy Martin, Carnegie Medal awardee #10093

In that moment you don’t really think you just react. To me it’s almost like mama bear instinct. I mean, I don’t have kids of my own right now, but it’s the instinct of these are still my kids, you’re not going to do this to my kids, you’re not going to do this at my school. — Angela Lynn McQueen, Carnegie Medal awardee #10099

The guy’s a hero. He might not have saved my brother, but the instinct, my kid is drowning and I’m going to jump in to try to help him. It breaks my heart. — son of Kote Mhitari, Carnegie Medal awardee #10103, who attempted to rescue his other son from drowning

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