Friends Remembered: Michael Paul Mizzone

Michael Paul Mizzone, 57, of Orange, Conn., died Monday, July 15, 2019, at his home. Mizzone was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 2009 for rescuing his 82-year-old neighbor from his burning home. Mizzone entered the smoke-filled house and crawled through the kitchen to find the man and dragged him from the home, having to retreat for fresh air and re-enter the house twice. Mizzone was hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

Mizzone was born Jan. 4, 1962 in Bridgeport, Conn. He worked as union representative of the Carpenter Union local 210 and also was a master mason 32nd degree, a member of the Scottish Rite of Ansantawae Lodge 89, B.P.O.E. of Wallingford Lodge 1365, and the Sons of the American Legion Post 196. He coached football and softball. Mizzone is survived by his wife Jennifer, four siblings, and five children.