Overheard: Impulse 60

When you see this little round face screaming, that’s something you just can’t leave. I don’t think there’s a human in the world that would not jump out and grab him.
John Gerard O’Rourke, Carnegie Medal awardee #9993

I wasn’t going to stand there and watch someone die in front of my eyes. The man was drowning, and I needed to act.
M. Ross Klun, Carnegie Medal awardee #10027

I wasn’t thinking nothing when they just said Bryce is in the house. I just got up and went in.
Brent Rudy Edwards, Carnegie Medal awardee #10045

I didn’t have time to think a lot. I just knew that child was needing help.
Van L. Anderson, Carnegie Medal awardee #10085

It was just the right thing to do for any human being stuck on a train track. How do you not attempt to save somebody?
Julie K. Callaghan, Carnegie Medal awardee #10086

I just seen someone that needed some help. I just acted upon just helping another human being.
Marvin George Dixon, Carnegie Medal awardee #10088

The last thing I wanted to do was see someone perish in a fire like that.
Raul Carrillo, Carnegie Medal awardee #10092

I couldn’t have done otherwise.
Troy Martin, Carnegie Medal awardee #10093, saying he had no choice but to save a man from a burning car.

If we’re put in a position to be a blessing to someone, I think we should take the opportunity.
Andrea L. Harris, Carnegie Medal awardee #10098

I’d sure hate to die burning alive. I figured he’d do the same thing for somebody else.
Allen Sirois, Carnegie Medal awardee #10109

Kind of glad that it happened when it happened and I was coming along, because, hey, some people don’t stop, but I’m the one that will.
Richard Thomas Krochta, Carnegie Medal awardee #10111

I don’t consider myself a hero. If I were in the same predicament, I hope someone else would help me.
Nathan Scott Wanhala, Carnegie Medal awardee #10114

I feel like I did yesterday when I woke up. We did what anyone else would do in the same position.
Zachary Salce, Carnegie Medal awardee #10133