Friends Remembered: Joshua Stewart Wright

Carnegie Hero Charles S. Harris, right, pins a lapel pin on Joshua Stewart Wright at a private presentation of the Carnegie Medal to Wright. Both Harris and Wright died recently. Harris was a volunteer presenter of the Carnegie Medal after being awarded the Medal for a 1962 water rescue. Wright saved a 2-year-old from a burning vehicle.

Carnegie Hero Joshua Stewart Wright, 42, of Dahlonega, Georgia, died Friday, Jan. 20, 2023.

Wright received the Carnegie Medal in 2018, after saving a 2-year-old girl from burning after the SUV she was in crashed and caught fire. Wright climbed into the car through its rear windshield, advanced to the middle row, grasped the girl and, returning to the rear windshield, passed her to a bystander outside.

He is survived by his parents, Ron and Pam Wright; sister Amanda Wright; grandparents, David and Shirley Wright; and numerous aunts and uncles.