Friends Remembered: John G. Patrick

John G. Patrick

Carnegie Hero John G. Patrick, 84, died Saturday, February 17, 2024, at University Hospital of Cleveland. Patrick received the Carnegie Medal for Heroism in 1962.

At the age of 21, Patrick and his father witnessed a out-of-control sedan veer onto a highway berm and ultimately strike a go-kart containing 16-year-old Peter H. Shanaberg. The impact wedged the go-kart’s frame between the car’s fender and bumper, and it was dragged onto the highway as the car, moving at 45 m.p.h., in Vienna, Ohio. Patrick and his father, Steve Patrick, followed the sedan in Patrick’s car. Patrick drew alongside the sedan. As the cars approached a curve in the highway, Steve Patrick reached through the window and steered the sedan around the curve. The cart’s frame shook loose of the car, and, with Peter still in the seat, veered into a ditch. Patrick then used his slowing car to force the sedan off the road. The driver was in shock but revived after being given insulin. The boy was hospitalized and recovered within seven weeks.

Patrick was born on October 16, 1940, to Steve and Pauline Patrick in Brookfield, Ohio.

Patrick served six years in the Army National Guard and was the owner and operator of Patrick Service in Vienna. He married Gail (Witherow) Patrick, on January 17, 1961. She died January 6, 2021, days before their 60th wedding anniversary. Patrick loved spending time with his grandchildren and watching them grow. He also enjoyed fishing, gardening, cooking, the outdoors, and motor sports.

Patrick is survived by, a daughter, Karri; a son, Steven; a brother, Andy, and two grandchildren, Justin and Brooklyn.

In addition to his wife, John was preceded in death by four brothers and one sister.