Carnegie Medal Presentation to Carnegie Heroes Jennifer Lynn Dixon and Aaron Andrew Young

Jennifer Lynn Dixon and Aaron Andrew Young

From left, Carnegie Hero Fund Commission President Eric P. Zahren speaks about the heroism of Jennifer Lynn Dixon and Aaron Andrew Young. Zahren presented the Carnegie Medal to them at a Feb. 28, 2019, ceremony held at the Lower Swatara fire hall in Middletown, Pa. Dixon, 27, and Young, 39, rescued two teens who were trapped in an overturned, burning car in November 2016 in Middletown. “Over 10,000 heroes later, we notice all the time that they’re about as varied and different as 10,000 people can be,” Zahren said. “The one thing that we see that is a very common, recurring thread is that they are humble. But it’s important to all of us to hear their stories.” The parents of the teen boy that Dixon rescued attended the ceremony, along with Hero Fund case investigator Joe Mandak. “Jennifer rescued our son, and we will be forever grateful to her and thankful for what she did. She gave us our son,” said the boy’s mother.