Friends Remembered: Donna Cortese-Munday

Donna Cortese-Munday

Donna Cortese-Munday, 76, of Garineau, Quebec, died Monday, Aug. 22, 2022. She was the widow of Carnegie Hero Mario D. Cortese, and a beneficiary of the commission for 34 years. Cortese died in 1983 while attempting to rescue his 12-day-old daughter from a burning mobile home. They both died in the fire.

Cortese-Munday was described by family as a compassionate, loving soul, who had a private, strong spirit, and served as a rock for many.

She is survived by children Tracey, Joseph, and Jason; granddaughters Bryanna, Errin, Chloe, Madison, and Meadow; great-grandson Jaxson; sister Carol-Ann; and best friend Dayna.

Cortese-Munday was preceded in death by a sister, June; husbands Sylvio Provost and Mario Cortese; and daughter, Lindsi.