Friends remembered: Randall ODell Williams

Randall ODell Williams

Randall ODell Williams, 58, of Saginaw, Michigan, died Friday, Dec. 17, 2021.

In 1991, Williams, then 28, a newspaper delivery truck driver, was in a Saginaw neighborhood and saw a burning two-story home.

A father and two children had escaped the burning house. The man attempted to reenter the home for family members who remained inside, but dense smoke forced him back.

Williams entered through the front door, braving the thick smoke, which precluded visibility. He crawled across the living room, found a 1-year-old boy on the floor, seized him, and took him outside. The child was treated for burns and recovered.

Williams was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 1992.

Williams’ twin brother, Ronald Darnell Williams, recently requested a grave marker to honor his late brother’s life and act of heroism.