Friends remembered: Howard R. Giles II

Howard R. Giles II, 73, of Henderson, Nev., died June 28, 2015.  Giles was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 1955 in recognition of his actions of Aug. 26, 1954, by which he, then aged 12, and another boy, 14, helped to save an 18-year-old boy from falling over a 150-foot precipice on Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas, while at summer camp.  The victim lost his footing while climbing and slid to a point only eight feet from the edge of the drop off, where he lay, dazed and bleeding from deep cuts.  Without ropes or other protection, Giles and the other boy descended on loose shale to him and supported him for 40 minutes, until other help arrived.  The victim was moved to a ledge on the mountainside, where the group spent the night.  He was then evacuated to safety, and Giles and the other rescuers descended the mountain. Giles later served in Vietnam.