Commission staff member Myrna J. Braun honored

Long service recognized

commission staff

The longest-serving member of the Hero Fund Commission staff, Myrna J. Braun, was honored at the Commission’s 111th annual meeting on June 25, 2015 with a certificate that was presented by Frank Brooks Robinson, the longest-serving member of the board.  Braun joined the staff as a telephone operator and clerk 60 years ago—in June 1955, at the time of her high school graduation—and, although she took time off in the 1960s to raise two sons, she never had another employer.  After she worked as an administrative assistant for many years, her title was changed to “awards coordinator” to reflect the specialized nature of her duties, which include oversight of new-award correspondence and administration of the Hero Fund’s beneficiary payments.  A gift and a standing ovation by the board accompanied the certificate.  Of her tenure, which extended during the administration of six of the Commission’s eight presidents, Braun, now in the office two days a week, said, “I have enjoyed working here all these years—it doesn’t seem that long of a time.”  Robinson joined the Commission in 1966 and serves on the Hero Fund’s executive and finance committees.


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