Marvin George Dixon and Jose L. Casanova helped to rescue a police officer from assault on May 17, 2018, in Hartford, Conn. Responding to a complaint, a police officer, 34, was inside a female resident’s apartment when the resident attempted to leave, prompting a violent struggle. As they wrestled in the kitchen, the woman obtained a kitchen knife, which she used to repeatedly stab the officer in the neck. In the building’s lobby, Dixon, 38, the building’s senior maintenance supervisor of Cromwell, Conn., and Casanova, 32, maintenance technician of New Britain, Conn., were alerted that the officer needed help and responded. In the hallway, they saw the assailant, still holding the knife and choking the officer. The men ran to them; Dixon grasped the assailant from behind and Casanova seized the knife from her hand. Dixon restrained the assailant while a building manager tended to the officer’s wounds until backup officers arrived. The officer survived and was hospitalized for treatment of serious wounds.


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