Friends Remembered: Edmund L. Zernach

Edmund L. Zernach

Edmund L. Zernach, 81, of Peachtree City, Ga., died Saturday, July 28, 2018. More than 60 years earlier, he helped save a 14-year-old boy from falling off the edge of a drop-off 150 feet high. Attempting to reach the boy, Gordon fell on the steep slope above the drop off, and securing a tree at its base to the ground, bent it toward the boy, who used it to guide himself to a safer position on the slope. Unable to ascend the slope, they then were rescued by others. Zernach was awarded the Carnegie Medal a year later, along with other accolades including the Young American Medal for Bravery from President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Zernach was born in 1937 in Milan, Ind. He graduated from Purdue University in 1959 with a degree in forest management, and married Jane Anderson in 1962. A U.S. Army veteran, Zernach enjoyed the outdoors, golfing, traveling, and sports. He was a member of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, and St. Vincent de Paul, and he also delivered food to those in need. He is survived by his wife, three children, five grandchildren, and one great-grandson.