Friends remembered: Clementine U. Brown

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Clementine U. Brown

Clementine U. Brown, 89, of McArthur, Calif., died July 22, 2016.  She was the widow of Roland C. Brown, who was awarded the Carnegie Medal posthumously for his actions of July 9, 1974, by which he died attempting to save a man from drowning in Baxter Lake in Addison, N.Y.  In keeping with Andrew Carnegie’s wish that those financially dependent upon heroes “should not suffer pecuniarily,” Brown was given a continuing monthly grant, which lasted until the time of her death.  Provisions of such grants stipulate periodic financial reporting to the Hero Fund, and in her last such detailed communication, at age 88, Brown wrote, “I want you to know where the grant money is going and not wasted on frivolous items.  You’ve been so good to me all these years and I’m so thankful and conscientious about my reports.”