Steven W. Fitzpatrick

Steven W. Fitzpatrick
Steven W. Fitzpatrick

Retired laborer Steven W. Fitzpatrick, of Marysville, Wash., responded to his neighbor’s burning mobile home on April 18, 2018.

With fire extinguishers, Fitzpatrick entered the home’s living room through the front door. Fitzpatrick crawled to 88-year-old Theodore Shockley, who was unconscious on the living room floor near a flaming couch. Fitzpatrick used a fire extinguisher near Shockley to suppress flames, then grabbed Shockley and moved him toward the front door.

Forced to retreat by the blistering heat, Fitzpatrick exited the home briefly and then returned to Shockley. With difficulty, he moved Shockley to the threshold of the front door, where another man grasped Shockley and pulled him from the home. Fitzpatrick exited the house, which was shortly engulfed by flames.

Shockley sustained smoke inhalation and extensive burns; he died later that day. Fitzpatrick sustained burns to his head, forearm, and hand, for which he received hospital treatment. He recovered.


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