Justin Leland Perry
Jason Hadfield



A 5-year-old girl was on a floatie on July 25, 2020, in Lake Michigan near Honor, Michigan, when its tether slipped off of her mom’s wrist and strong winds blew it away from shore. At a point several hundred feet from shore, the float flipped and tossed the girl into the water. A 33-year-old musician from Interlochen, Michigan, Justin Leland Perry, and Jason Hadfield, 42, creative director, of Kingsley, Michigan, were in separate parties on the beach and responded. Perry entered the water with a partially inflated child’s life ring and swam to the girl, where he placed her on the life ring, held to her, and kicked toward shore. Hadfield entered the lake with a child’s kayak and swam to Perry and the girl, whom they placed on the kayak. Holding to the kayak, the men swam her to shore.

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