From the archives: Carnegie Medal presented twice to Carnegie Hero Ruby Hattie Lindsay

Diagram drawn by Commission staff illustrating Ruby Hattie Lindsay’s heroic actions in the rescue of Majorie H. Hobbs.

By Sharon Sanders
Southeast Missourian

Ruby Hattie Lindsay
Ruby Hattie Lindsay
Earlier this year, descendants of Ruby Hattie Hargis mounted a bronze grave marker bearing the likeness of the Carnegie Medal on the headstone of Ruby Hattie Lindsay.
Article appearing in May 22, 1967 Southeast Missourian announcing the duplicate medal sent to Ruby Hattie Lindsay after the first medal was destroyed in a fire.

In April 1924, school teacher Marjorie Haines Hobbs and her 15-year-old pupil, Ruby Hattie Lindsay, were enjoying a hike in the woods north of Cape Girardeau, apparently an exercise the friends frequently enjoyed. As they started to cross a train trestle over Little Flora Creek 6 miles north of the city, they were startled by an oncoming work train.

While Ruby stepped safely off onto a beam that projected over the creek, Hobbs froze in fear. Ruby came to her rescue, pulling her to safety, but both of them ended up in 16 feet of water in the creek below. Neither could swim, but again Ruby saved her friend’s life by holding her head above water until they were rescued.

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This article was reprinted with permission. It was originally posted June 6, 2017 in the From the Morgue blog on the Southeast Missourian website,