Tu Anh Tran

A 27-year-old woman was trapped inside her submerged sedan that slid off an icy road into a golf course pond in Lincoln, Nebraska, on Feb. 22, 2023. Lincoln police Sgt. Tu Anh Tran, 36, responded to the accident and, despite below-freezing air temperatures, entered the frigid water. He reached the vehicle, which was submerged up to the trunk and opened the rear, driver’s-side door. Items from the vehicle bobbed out of the car, obscuring Tran’s vision. He dipped his face beneath the water’s surface, but the murky water also limited visibility. Tran reached inside the car blindly and felt the woman’s legs. Feeling his touch, the woman resurfaced and grabbed his arms. Holding to her arm, Tran pulled her free from the vehicle that submerged seconds later. Tran towed the woman toward the bank. Others assisted them both to safety when they reached wadable water. The woman was cold and taken to a hospital; she recovered. Tran was cold and nearly exhausted, but did not seek treatment; he recovered.