Thomas Lee Hawk

A father attempting to save his 13-year-old son from a house fire died Dec. 16, 2022. Flames broke out in the attic of their one-story, Bostwick, Georgia, home and spread throughout the residence. Eric T. Hawk, 13, saw smoke entering his bedroom and opened the door to a smoke-filled hallway. He closed the door and called his father, Thomas Lee Hawk, a 39-year-old quality control supervisor, who was next door at Eric’s grandfather’s home. Hawk immediately ran into the burning home, with the grandfather following behind. As conditions worsened inside, the grandfather could not enter the home, but from the outside, heard Eric shouting for help from his bedroom. He went to Eric’s window, removed an air conditioner, and pulled Eric through the opening. He dragged him away from the home. Eric suffered severe smoke inhalation and was hospitalized for a few days. Hawk’s body was found in the hallway near Eric’s bedroom. He sustained burns to his body and died from inhaling smoke and soot.