Carnegie Medal presentation to Hilton Quintana and Kyle Van Note

Hilton Quintana and Kyle Van NotePocono Mountain Regional Police Chief Chris Wagner, center, poses with, left, Hilton Quintana and Kyle Van Note, right, after Quintana and Van Note were presented the Carnegie Medal at a March 13, 2018, ceremony at the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Headquarters in Pocono Summit, Pa.

Quintana, a 59-year-old senior equipment technician who lived nearby, and Van Note, 32, police detective, rescued a 65-year-old man from his car that overturned on a rural road in Cresco, Pa. The men pulled the driver from his vehicle. Van Note dragged the man away from the incident as Quintana used a floor mat to attempt to smother the flames still attacking him.

Quintana said he’s still in shock after learning about the award, “I was expecting a handshake or a letter, something like that, but I am really honored and really proud,” he stated in an online article.

However, Quintana shared that the greatest reward is knowing that the victim is alive and with his loved ones.

Photo courtesy of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department.

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