John D. Colter

After hearing screams and shots fired from inside his daughter’s home, John D. Colter, a 66-year-old pharmacist of Fenton, Missouri, ran inside the home and tackled his daughter’s estranged husband, 45, who had entered on Jan. 23, 2020, lay in wait, and then shot at Kristine M. Kempf, striking her in the leg and ankle. Colter wrestled with the assailant for control of the gun on the hallway floor, where Kempf also attempted to seize the weapon. Colter called for Kempf to leave and get help. She ran to a neighbor’s home. The man fatally shot Colter and fled; authorities located him in another state eight days later, and, before they could arrest him, he shot himself dead. Kempf was hospitalized for treatment of her wounds. Colter died at the scene.