John Andrew Ussery

John Andrew UsseryJohn Andrew Ussery died after attempting to save Jason E. Deleon from drowning, Palm Beach, Florida, May 16, 2017.

Deleon, 25, was wading in the Atlantic Ocean near a beach when he was swept into deeper, unwadable water and called for help.

A co-worker, Ussery, 51, cable lineman of Sanford, Fla., who was on the beach, entered the water, and swam to Deleon. Ussery grasped Deleon but told him he could not maintain his hold. Ussery and Deleon separated and drifted farther apart and away from shore amid rough surf.

Responding police officers swam out to Deleon and Ussery, who were then about 200 feet from shore, with flotation devices, followed by firefighters who paddled out with rescue boards. Officers secured Deleon and Ussery and towed them to the firefighters, who brought them ashore atop the rescue boards.

Deleon recovered after hospitalization. Ussery fell unconscious on the beach. He was taken to a hospital but could not be revived.



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