Jamie Alan Hyatt

Jamie Alan HyattJamie Alan Hyatt died attempting to rescue David D. Syring from suffocation in Granite Falls, Minn., on Jan. 7, 2016.

Syring, 34, was working on a farm inside a tanker-trailer that was later found to be deficient in oxygen when he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Hyatt, 34, from Wood Lake, Minn., and who was a friend of Syring’s and was employed as a truck driver by the farm, was outside the tanker talking to Syring when Syring collapsed and became unresponsive.

Hyatt, from a ladder on the tanker’s side, called out to Syring, then despite near-darkness inside and no easy egress entered its interior by way of a small hatch in its top.

Once inside the tanker Hyatt experienced breathing difficulties almost immediately. He attempted to reach Syring about 20 feet away but ultimately lost consciousness and became unresponsive.

A local fire department arrived shortly and, unable to reach Syring and Hyatt through the hatch, cut an opening in the side of the tanker to remove the men, who were transported to the hospital.

Syring regained consciousness and survived. Hyatt died later that day from effects of asphyxia.


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