Danny Lee Tiger

Carnegie Hero Danny Lee Tiger, and his partner Amie Tiger.

Danny Lee Tiger, a 46-year-old administrator, formerly from Ada., Okla., saved Nathan P. Nolen, 43, from a burning truck after a head-on collision with another vehicle on a rural highway the night of June 26, in Ada.

At home, Tiger heard the crash and drove to the accident scene. Unable to open the driver’s door, Tiger gripped the top of the damaged door at a gap and bent it downward until he created an opening large enough to extend his arms inside to grasp Nolen’s arms and head. Flames burned against the windshield as Tiger pulled Nolen through the opening. Despite hearing a small explosion at the truck’s front end, Tiger continued to pull Nolen until he was fully free and fell to the pavement outside. Tiger dragged Nolen away from the truck. A medical helicopter flew Nolen to a hospital for treatment of serious leg injuries, but he was not burned. 90607-10135

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