Carnegie Hero Connor N. Devine

Media gather as Carnegie Hero Connor N. Devine, center, accepts the Carnegie Medal presented to him by Warwick (R.I.) Mayor Joseph Solomon at a Sept. 14 ceremony held in the mayor’s office. In March 2017, Devine, 19, of Warwick, rescued his 18-year-old co-worker from assault. A 41-year-old man entered a drugstore where Devine worked as a shift supervisor, and stabbed the woman with a butcher knife multiple times. Devine shouted at the assailant to stop and threw a crate at the assailant’s head, but it did not deter the man who continued to stab the woman. Devine then retrieved a utility cart and forcefully rammed the cart into the assailant multiple times, knocking him away from the woman and disarming him. A customer at the store pinned the man to the floor until police arrived, while Devine and others tended to the woman, who was badly injured.

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