Carnegie Medal presentation to Humberto Sanchez III

Carnegie Medal presentation

Carnegie Hero Humberto Sanchez III, left, holding son Jayden Sanchez, walks onto the stage to accept his Carnegie Medal, presented by Stockton, Calif., Mayor Michael Tubbs at a state-of-the-city event held May 18, 2017.

In August 2015, Sanchez responded to the scene of a burning vehicle, and, fully entering the car multiple times, worked to free a 4-month-old boy from his car seat’s restraints, eventually freeing him from the seat and removing him to safety.

In front of a crowd of about 400 people, Tubbs said Sanchez is an example of why he has so much faith in the community of Stockton.

“Humberto could have given up. He could have said, ‘I don’t have the resources.’ He could have said, ‘It’s not my job.’ But instead Humberto sprung to action. He continued to fight to free this child. He was able to pull this child out before flames completely engulfed the SUV,” Tubbs said.

Sanchez also received a key to the city of Stockton and several commendations from federal, state, and local officials. Read more.

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