Carnegie Medal presentation to Richard David Greeno and Lisa McNairy


Carnegie Hero Fund Commission Executive Director Eric P. Zahren presented the Carnegie Medal to Richard David Greeno and Lisa McNairy in ceremonies held May 18, 2017.

In October, 2015, Greeno and McNairy entered a burning house in Circleville, Ohio, and, despite dense smoke, crawled to find 66-year-old Charles C. Rhodes, who used a cane to walk.  Working together they dragged him from the burning structure to safety.

Pictured, Zahren, left, presented Greeno with the Carnegie Medal in a private ceremony in Williamsport, Ohio. Also present was Greeno’s wife, Kathleen Christman.

Family and friends of McNairy gathered at the Harrison Township Fire Department in Ashville, Ohio, for McNairy’s presentation, where she read a text message from Rhodes.

“’I want you to know you deserve this award,’” Rhodes wrote to McNairy. “’Be very proud to accept it. You saved my life. (I will) always remember you and love you for it because, as you know, I love life and living it to the fullest.’” Read more.

Carnegie Hero Lisa McNairy, center, with her children, from left, daughter Kristi McNairy and son Matt McNairy.
Carnegie Hero Fund Commission Executive Director Eric P. Zahren, left, with Richard David Greeno.