Stacey Redmon

Stacey RedmonA 48-year-old man died June 21, 2019, attempting to save a boy from drowning in dangerous waters in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Panama City Beach, Florida. Despite dangerous water conditions including large waves and a rip current that prohibited swimming at the time, Stacey Redmon, a disabled air structural repairman of Vernon, Florida, and others ran into the ocean after becoming alerted to a boy who was being carried away from shore. Redmon swam toward the boy while screaming for help. Three surfers responded and swam to Redmon and the boy, who were then about 100 feet from shore in water about 8 feet deep. They took the boy and others to the beach and then returned for Redmon, who was on his back, struggling to stay afloat. A large wave struck, submerging everyone. When they surfaced, Redmon had lost consciousness. The surfers pulled Redmon to shore. Others on the beach tended to Redmon, who was in cardiac arrest. He could not be revived.