Michael Lumahang and Jesse T. Haw

Michael Lumahang and Jesse T. Haw
Jesse T. Haw
Michael Lumahang

Michael Lumahang died helping to save and Jesse T. Haw helped to save a 12-year-old boy from drowning in Ottawa, Ont., on Aug. 23, 2014.

The boy was fishing on rocks in the Ottawa River with Lumahang, 39, custodian and family friend from Ottawa, when he slipped and fell into the water.

Lumahang threw his fishing pole to the boy but the boy was unable to grasp it and was pulled downstream by the current. Lumahang jumped into the 65-degree water and moved toward the boy. The two shouted for help.

Haw, 24, also of Ottawa, was nearby and heard them shouting. Haw swam out to Lumahang and the boy and grasped them. Haw swam backwards with them toward the bank but submerged a few times. Unable to continue to swim with both the boy and Lumahang, Haw and Lumahang separated and Lumahang was taken downstream by the current.

Haw swam with the boy toward the bank where others took the boy from him when he had difficulty swimming. They removed the boy from the water. Haw was able to exit the water on his own.

Lumahang submerged in the water and drowned. The boy was treated for mild hypothermia. Haw was cold after the rescue and sustained lacerations to his feet; he recovered.


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