Marvin D. Argueta R., F. Daniel Calix A., and Franklin G. Calix A.

F. Daniel Calix A., a 23-year-old roofer, was returning home Nov. 22, 2021, to his Flemington, New Jersey, apartment when he saw flames through the living room window of his 59-year-old neighbor, who used bottled oxygen. He called for his brothers, 35-year-old Marvin D. Argueta R., a landscaper, and 29-year-old Franklin G. Calix A., a carpenter. Together, they ascended a stairway to the second-floor apartment, kicked down the man’s front door, and tried to enter the apartment, but thick, black smoke made entry nearly impossible. Using his cell phone’s flashlight, Argueta stood at the doorway where he heard the man calling for help. Argueta entered the apartment, bear-hugged the man and dragged him toward the front door, 8 feet away. His brothers also responded, also helping to carry the man. Together, they carried him down the stairs. At one point an explosion caused intensifying flames to burn Argueta’s ear and face and blew a chair into their path to safety. Daniel threw the chair out of the way, and they continued carrying the man to an outside porch. Argueta was treated at a hospital for his burns and smoke inhalation; he recovered. Daniel and Franklin inhaled smoke, but weren’t treated. They, too, recovered.