Kali Allen

On Jan. 4, 2018, Kali Allen, 38, delivery truck driver, attempted to rescue 55-year-old Jeffrey K. McIlroy from drowning in Catoosa, Okla. McIlroy had fallen through ice into a deep pond. After being alerted by a woman, Allen ran to the pond, where he saw McIlroy partially submerged. Allen stepped onto the ice, but heard it cracking and backed away. He obtained a flotation device, and then slid toward McIlroy. Seeing him completely submerge, Allen ran to the edge of the hole and entered the open water. He submerged attempting to find McIlroy but was unable to locate him. Allen resurfaced and used the pool noodle to aid his floating because he could not lift himself out of the water. From a bank, responding firefighters tied multiple ropes together and tossed the extended line to Allen. Once Allen secured the line around his body, they pulled him onto the ice and to the bank. A diver later located McIlroy, who had drowned. Allen was treated at the hospital for hypothermia.


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