Jonathan A. Hudash

Jonathan A. HudashA Williamson County, Texas, sheriff’s deputy went above and beyond his duties on April 15, 2020, when he partially entered a burning van to remove a 22-year-old passenger. Jonathan A. Hudash, 28, responded to the scene of a two-car crash in Round Rock, Texas. Despite heavy smoke and flames issuing from the van, Hudash extended his arms and hands through the open passenger window, but blistering heat made it impossible for him to unlatch the man’s seat belt. Hudash reached in again and cut the shoulder strap with a pocketknife. He grasped the man’s arms and tugged, but he lost his grip. Hudash grasped the man’s belt, pulling on it until the man’s upper body came through the window opening. He then fully pulled him from the vehicle and dragged him to safety. The man was taken by ambulance to the hospital for treatment of his extensive injuries, including severe burns, but later died. Hudash was treated at a hospital for burns to his hands. He was released and later recovered.