John Thomas Prokop

Carnegie Hero John Thomas Prokop, center, with his sons, from left, T.J. and Chris Prokop.

John Thomas Prokop helped to rescue a police officer from a July 8, 2016, assault in Duncan, B.C.  Along a city street, a police officer struggled to detain a man who violently resisted arrest and was reaching for the officer’s duty belt which held a holstered handgun. Eventually the struggle continued on a church’s front porch, where the assailant put the officer in a headlock. The nearly exhausted officer later stated that he had difficulty breathing. The operator of a nearby billiard hall, Prokop, 49, ran to the pair and grasped the assailant, allowing the officer to escape the headlock. They all fell to the church steps, and the officer held the assailant in a headlock while Prokop pinned the assailant’s legs until backup officers arrived. The officer recovered from soreness to his throat and neck. Prokop scraped his arm and face but did not require medical attention.


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