Jennifer Lynn Dixon and Aaron Andrew Young

Jennifer Lynn Dixon
Aaron Andrew Young

Jennifer Lynn Dixon and Aaron Andrew Young rescued teens Joseph Lewis Keating and Scott T. Shaffer from a burning car on Nov. 25, 2016 in Middletown, Pa. Keating, 18, and Shaffer, 19, were trapped in their overturned and burning car after a nighttime accident on a rural road. Dixon 27, distribution process worker, was driving nearby and stopped at the scene. Running to the car, Dixon burned her hand attempting to pry open the front, passenger door. After hearing Keating call for help, she kicked and shattered the window of the rear, passenger-side door. Crawling beneath flames coming from the car’s interior, she partially entered the car. Dixon grasped Keating, who had moved between the burning seats, and dragged most of his body from the car. Joined by her mother, they removed him fully from the car and patted out flames on his pants. Meanwhile, Young, 39, bank credit officer, responded to the scene from his nearby home. He went to the driver’s door, extended his arms through the shattered window, grasped Shaffer, who was burning, and pulled him to safety. Young patted out the flames on Shaffer’s pants with a sweatshirt until a police officer arrived with a fire extinguisher and assisted. Keating and Shaffer were hospitalized for several weeks for treatment of burns and other injuries, but recovered. Dixon was hospitalized for treatment of smoke inhalation, shortness of breath and burns to her hand, but she also recovered.


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