Heather Zabrowski

Heather ZabrowskiAfter a July 30, 2018, accident near Olympia, Wash., 29-year-old administrative assistant Heather Zabrowski of Olympia responded to a burning sport utility vehicle that had come to rest in a ditch. Despite flames burning beneath the vehicle and dry grass around the vehicle aflame, Zabrowski opened the driver’s door and saw 67-year-old Alan E. Rathbun slumped over the steering wheel. She extended her upper body inside the passenger compartment and reached across Rathbun to unlatch his seat belt. She then turned Rathbun to face her and pulled him from the vehicle to the ground. Too heavy for her to lift, Zabrowski called to others nearby for help. Zabrowski and a man who responded aided Rathbun to safety. Flames grew to engulf the rear of the vehicle and spread to its interior. Rathbun was not burned.


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