Connor N. Devine

Connor N. DevineConnor N. Devine rescued Alyssa T. Garcia from assault, Warwick, Rhode Island, March 5, 2017.

Garcia, 18, was at work inside a drug store when a 41-year-old man, armed with a butcher knife, approached her and stabbed her multiple times. She screamed and fell to the floor, while the assailant continued to stab her. Connor N. Devine, 19, shift supervisor of Warwick, was behind the front, checkout counter when he heard Garcia’s screams and hurried to investigate.

Seeing Garcia under attack by the man, Devine shouted at the assailant to stop, and threw a crate at the assailant’s head, but the assailant continued his assault on Garcia. Devine then retrieved a utility cart from nearby and forcefully rammed the cart into the assailant multiple times, knocking him away from Garcia. The knife slipped from the assailant’s hand and landed on the floor a few feet away.

As Devine and others made efforts to attend a badly injured Garcia, a store customer pinned the assailant to the floor. Police arrived shortly and arrested the assailant. Garcia, who suffered multiple stab wounds, was hospitalized.


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