Seventy-year-old C. Kemp Littlepage and 49-year-old William Bostic on June 12, 2018, both responded to a car that had entered a lake after its driver, Brian E. King, 37, suffered a seizure while driving in Wayne, Pa. King remained unconscious in the driver seat, his hands clamped down on the steering wheel. Seeing the accident, Littlepage, a Devon, Pa., retired real estate developer, and Bostic, a business operator of King of Prussia, Pa., stopped at the scene. Littlepage reached the water first and swam about 80 feet to the car. By then the car had begun to sink, its front end completely submerged and water reaching its door handles. Littlepage reached through the open driver’s window and pulled King’s head away from the steering wheel, holding it above the surface of the water, and released King’s seatbelt. By then, Bostic and his 18-year-old son had entered the water and swum to the car, water by then reaching King’s chin. Bostic and his son pried open the front, passenger door, and while his son held the door open, Bostic entered the car. Littlepage pushed King toward Bostic, and Bostic pulled King from the car. He and others towed King to shore. King was hospitalized for injuries he sustained in the accident. Littlepage sustained scratches, and Bostic suffered a cut to his hand; they recovered.


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