Yun Qi

Neighbor Yun Qi responded to a 4-year-old girl being attacked by a dog outside her home June 3, 2017, in Surrey, B.C. The girl and her sister screamed for help as the dog bit her leg and dragged her to the ground. Qi, 33, business operator, ran to the girl and yelled at the dog, who let go of the girl and attacked Qi, biting his hand, arms, and legs. He was knocked to the ground where the dog pinned him. Qi’s father responded and, using a bicycle to protect himself, struck the dog, disrupting his attack on Qi, who escaped. The girl and her sister retreated to their home and the dog’s owner arrived and took it back to his home. The girl was taken to the hospital where she was treated for bite wounds to her leg that required multiple surgeries. Qi was treated for a severe bite wound that caused some permanent damage and required surgery. Qi has since relocated to Richmond, B.C.


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