Radio host queries awardees: What does it mean to be heroic?

By Mike Slater
Radio Station KFMB, San Diego, Calif.

We’re all so confused about what’s right and wrong, what we value, and what we consider heroic and what we consider important.  And we’ve actually lost confidence in the truth and in who we are.

I host a local radio show in San Diego, Calif.,  on 760 KFMB.  A few weeks ago, I came across that quote from Korie Robertson (yes, from Duck Dynasty).  It got me thinking, “What do we value?  What do we consider important?  What is heroic?”

“Hero” is a word thrown around often, but I rarely hear stories of people doing things worthy of that title.  I’m so grateful I came across the Carnegie Hero Fund, a treasure trove of stories that help us all answer those questions.

A common theme from the people we’ve talked to so far has been “preparation.”  Each person had a lifetime of preparation for that one moment they were called into action.  Isaac G. Pinsonneault didn’t know that his years’ swimming in the lake would prepare him to rescue Joshua Martin.  Brian Wargo didn’t know that his years as a deep sea fisher would prepare him to fight off a shark attacking his friend.  William Ayotte didn’t realize at the time that he would jump to attention and save Erin Greene from a polar bear attack.

It’s inspiring because you are doing something in your life that is building experience.  It’s exciting because maybe one day you’ll discover exactly what you are preparing for.  Please join us every Tuesday at noon Pacific Time as we talk to a recipient of the Carnegie Medal.

Thank you, Carnegie Medal recipients, for not only saving lives, but for helping us all answer the question, “What does it mean to be heroic?”

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