Victor Villanueva, deceased, and Casandra Joann Kendrick, deceased

Victor Villanueva and Casandra Joann Kendrick drowned while saving two small children from the same fate during a June 13, 2021, fishing trip in Seguin, Texas. Villanueva, a 30-year-old lumberyard worker of New Braunfels, Texas, took his three sons, ages 9, 6, and 5, to fish in the Seguin River. Another group of people on the tiny island that day included retail clerk Kendrick, 22. While wading, the 9-year-old stepped into water 15 feet deep near an undertow. In an attempt to reach the boy, his brothers also entered deep water. Villanueva swam to the boy and passed him to another woman who had responded from Kendrick’s party. That woman brought the boy to safety. Kendrick and another woman swam to the younger boys, the other woman using a child’s floatie. While one of the boys held onto the floatie, Kendrick handed the other boy to the other woman, who brought both boys to safety. Before they were able to return to shore, Villanueva and Kendrick submerged and drowned. The boys were unharmed.